Andrew Pang's License Plate Services

Due to a recent change in job status, I am now expanding the license plate services I provide:

* License plate locator service
If I do not have the plate you want on my sale pages, I can probably help you find one. I have a worldwide network of fellow collectors to draw from, and between us, we can help locate almost anything.

* License plate identification service
Don't know what that strange license plate is hanging in your garage? I am happy to help ID your mystery plates.

* License plate appraisal service
Let me use my nearly 40 years of collecting experience to help you value your plates. Seeing the plates in person is always best, but I can work from clear photos or even spreadsheet lists of plates if need be. I will return to you a detailed spreadsheet for your records. Fees based on estimated time required.

* International shipment consolidation and forwarding.
Did you know to ship 1 license plate to Europe from the USA costs $13.50? If it is heavier, then it costs a whopping $22.50! That same plate can be mailed to me within the US for less than $4! I save up all these plates until we have a Flat-Rate Box full, which can hold between 55-65 standard-sized plates. Then this box can be shipped to you for only $70, or barely more than $1 per plate. You do the math, this can be a huge savings! This is a cumbersome and time-consuming process for me, so there is a fee involved, and I do limit the number of people I can help at one time.

* Liquidation of collections.
I can help you sell your collection. I can either buy it from you for quickest cash inflow, or I can sell on consignment basis to maximize your returns. Consignment percentages vary from 10-25% depending on several factors. Please contact me for more information.

* License plate rental
Need specific license plates for a short-term rental? Centerpeices for a travel-themed dinner? Let me know if I can help.

Please contact me for more information on all the above services. Thank you!

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