Below are links to various other license plate websites. I have listed individuals' pages first, alphabetically by last name - I have also put a very brief overview of what each page contains. Following this section are links to club, organization, or general sites. Please email me if you note any errors or outdated links. Thanks!



Adams, J.D. (IA) - Want/trade lists and info on the Heartland Region of ALPCA
Atkinson, Fred (??) - Photos of ham radio plates in use
Babcock, Dave (TX) - US graphic plate photos, Texas plates for sale, and photos of ALPCA plates of the year
Bagnarol, Paul (NY) - Samples, prototypes and Illinois special event plates - Paulie specializes in harder-to-find samples, and there are a lot of nice ones here.
Barcelow, Al (CA) - Collector specializing in California YOM plates
Bates, Brian (CO) - A basic trade/sell list, but the prices are good!
Baucom, Richard (NC) - Detailed info on North Carolina current base varieties and a sale/trade lists - BAD LINK 01/24/10
Bergink, Adriaan (BC) - Very nice site with want/trade lists. Lots of photos of his collection of US and Canadian plates, including some unique letter/number combinations.
Berionne, Michele (Italy) - Comprehensive site on plates seen in Rome. Includes plates of Italy, SMOM, San Marino, Vatican, Seborga, the UN, and others.
Birt, Barbara Jo (WA) - Good site on Washington plates - includes a history, list of types, county and other codes, and many photos.
Braswell, Willie (FL) - Sale/trade list and photos of many different Florida types.
Brekke, Olav Arne (Norway) - Norwegian plates with code lists. Also plates seen on Norwegian roads - many nice photos of plates from more than 90 countries.
Bufalini, Bruce (PA) - Thumbnail photos of his US and Canada graphic collection, as well as want/trade lists. Also, a great new page for windshield stickers.
Bunton, Ben (SC) - License plates for sale. - BAD LINK 01/24/10
Buriak, Joe (NJ) - Trade list and a few photos of New Jersey plates
Carel, Jean-Philippe (France) - This French-language site contains sections for International plates and plates seen in the movies, among other things. - BAD LINK 01/24/10
Chen, Jack (WA) - Good page with this collector's collection, for sale, and wanted pages.
Coninx, Jeroen (Belgium) - Growing site of photos of European plates - also ovals, country maps and flags.
Cooper, Chris (NH) - Just a page of plates for sale.
Curry, Jamie (PA) - Photos of this collector's mostly US collection.
David ??? (Australia) - Features photos of his Australian and US plates - site is under construction still.
De Been, Frans (Holland) - A Dutch site - special sections on Curacao (including an 89 type-set) and Dutch cycle plates.
DeMuro, Doug (CO) - A site dedicated to Colorado plates. Photos of current issue plates of many types, many of them on the roads.
De Neve, Rick (Belgium) - This site contains photos from his international plate collection, as well as a trade list.
De Zuani, Alessandro (Italy) - Italian-language site - lots of good stuff here.
DiFonzo, Nick, "The Bolthole" (TX) - Great site - extensive Texas plate history, International plates and ovals, TV and radio station plates, YOM regulations, and a trade list.
Domke, Sebastian (Germany) - German site showing recent US plates
Fazekas, Jeff (NJ) - Site includes sections on NJ plates, as well as want and trade lists. New pages on VT and MA plates, and sample plate ordering info.
Feltes, Robert (WI) - Photos of special issue, Olympic, International, and redesigned plates. Also, a license plate quiz and trade/want lists.
Figueras, Vicenc (Spain) - Nice site dealing with primarily Spain and Andorra, as well as some 1968 birthyear and cycle plates.
Fox, Gary (AZ) - A very nice site devoted to Arizona plates from pre-states to the present. Also deals with cycle, commercial, and dealer plates.
Francis, Jeff (FL and MT) - A comprehensive site devoted to Florida plates. Also a link to his site of plates for sale.
Frampton, Steve (UK) - Site specializing in British Cherished Number Plates and the manufacture of British plates. Also has a trade page.
Fretta, Chris (VT) - Not much going on here yet - a couple photos and a link to his eBay auctions.
Friedman, Josh, "Platesmenistan" (ME) - General license plate site - want/trade lists, links to DMV homepages, some photos from his collection.
Fulkerson, Vance, "Vman" (IN) - THE motorcycle plate site - lots of photos of all types, and a section of IL special-event cycles for sale.
Gaj, Steven (AL) - New site devoted to Steven's collection of mostly porcelain plates and porcelain signs. Contains want and trade lists with photos.
Garay, Ron (NB) - Some nice, recent plates for sale, mostly Canadian.
Garrish, Chris (BC) - Nice page devoted to British Columbia plates of all types, 1974 plates, and a trade list.
Getchell, Eric (BC) - New page of plates for sale, including some nice politicals.
Godbehere, Elvin (TX) - Want and trade lists with photos.
Goodwin, Mark (WA) - Want/trade lists and photos of his international plates.
Griffin, Gerry (NH) - An amazing new site, the New Hampshire License Plate Museum - photos of NH runs, both passenger and many partial non-passenger runs.
Haber, Dave (CA) - Lots of good California plate info and photos, smaller sections on Bicentennials and Florida plates. - BAD LINK 01/24/10
Harris, Buddy (FL) - Pages on all types of Florida plates, firefighters, and Indian plates.
Haskell, Rich (MA) - Diverse mix of stuff on here. #13 plates, #211 plates, 1960 runs, dealers, farm plates, and some good stuff on Kansas. Want and trade lists, too. Something for everyone here!
Hegewald, Ralf (Germany) - UN plates, a history of German plates, and a trade list.
Heller, Len (WA) - Trade list, his choice of plate of the year from 1950-1970, and plate histories of Myanmar (Burma), Chile, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua.
Herman, Tim (WA) - US and Canada graphic plates, want list, and trade list with photos.
Hindman, Dave (CA) - California pairs, CA YOM regulations, trade/sell/wanted lists.
Hinz, Howard (FL) - Florida plates for sale.
Hoekstra, Jacco (Holland) - Great site showing plates on the road from 153 countries.
Holdener, H.P. (Switzerland) - Personal home page with a few photos.
Hollins, Dave (BC) - Plates for sale of all varieties.
Isham, Randy (WA) - License plates for sale page.
Jones, Keith (GA) - Want and trade lists from this Georgia collector.
Kahl, Joey (MI) - This junior collector's webpage.
Kaiser, Scott (IN) - Lots of goodies, including Indiana, 1961, cardinal, and graphic plates. Also includes trade/want lists.
Kanaya, Nick (CA) - Sample plates from the US and possessions, want/trade lists.
Kanaya, Nick (CA) - Nick's other site featuring the plates of Okinawa and Japan.
Kenyeres, Peter (Hungary) - Hungarian language site - something about breaking a Guiness Record.
Kimbrough, Kris (??) - Very nice site for DAV keychain tags.
Kinzle, Danny (MO) - US and Canada graphic plates for trade, photos from plate meets. Just added - the Missouri license plate museum.
Kolen, Wouter (Holland) - This junior collector's site has some photos of his collection and his trade/want lists.
Kretschmer, Rick (NC) - Great site - extensive treatment of MD plates, as well as 1959, state anniversary plates, and cardinal plates.
Krotzer, John (NH) - Nice site listing each year of NH plates with photos and descriptions.
Laughlin, Tim (ON) - New site with plates for sale - heavy on Canada and Michigan - reasonable prices, too.
Levine, Ed (NY) - New site with plates for sale and photos of this collector's NY plates.
Libanore, Alessandro (Italy) - A nice site in Italian - features photos of this collector's international plates.
Lindberg, Greg and Dave Smith (CT) - Great site on Connecticut plates.
Macatee, Scott (NM) - Plate of the day blog.
Mackeprang, Lutz (Germany) - Photos of his international plates.
Matters, Darcy (PEI) - Site on Prince Edward Island vanity plates.
Mattes, Justin (NJ) - Trade list, a few photos, and a New Jersey color chart.
McDevitt, John (PA) - A brand new website showing current-issue and current-use Pennsylvania license plates.
McGuire, Mike (NJ) - Recent US plates from his collection and a trade list.
Melsha, Chris (WA) - He's back with a new site showing current issue and sample plates. Also contains Sample plate ordering info.
Merkler, Alex (??) - Photos of his graphic and 1969 plates from the US and Canada. Also a want list.
Moini, Jim (NJ) - Lots of good stuff here - New Jersey, apportioned, Mexican, movie prop, 1996, and 1998 plates. Also, windshield stickers and trade/want lists.
Moore, Billy (VA) - A great site of US graphic plates, especially Florida and Virginia. Also a nice page on Swiss plates.
Morin, Marc Andre (QC) - Trade and want lists (heavy on Quebec).
Miura, David (CA) - Site dedicated to scouting plates, including state contact information.
Nicholson, Dave (ME) - Features his collection of North American plates from 1969-present. Also has want/trade lists.
O'Connor, Timothy (KS) - A new site featuring this collector's worldwide collection, a page for each jurisdiction.
Palmer, Jim (TX) - Detailed info on 1975- Texas plates, how to date the undated ones, and a want/trade list .
Pang, Andrew (VA) - Trade/want lists, and pages on Maryland, Virginia, and Inaugural plates.
Pearman, Rod (GA) - This member's site deals with the restoration and repainting of plates; includes prices and many before and after photos of his work, which is excellent.
Phillips, Bill (MT) - Nice variety of plates - Montana, 1961 birthyear, cycles, internationals, and want/trade lists.
Pierre, Sean (FL) - This site is primarily dedicated to Florida plates, but also contains photos of the collector's other plates from all over.
Quasa, Bob (MO) - Trade and want lists (currently down for updating).
Roberts, Glenvil (BC) - Photos of US and Canadian plates, New York 1979-81 non-passengers, and a neat section on forged plate stickers.
Rost, Sven (Germany) - German-language site featuring many US and Canadian plates for sale. Also, info on the German license plate museum.
Rubinger, Daniel (Argentina) - A fantastic, Spanish-language site featuring Argentinian plates.
Rutherford, Andy (WI) - Andy's trade and want lists, with many photos.
Sallmen, Joe (WV) - An excellent site - comprehensive Canadian plate page.
Sebald, Martin (Germany) - Many photos of graphic US plates, both regular and special issue. Also a trader page.
Segni, Wes (UT) - Features this Utah collector's trade and want lists.
Sells, Mike (WA) - If it's from 1976, it's probably on this nice webpage. Features all types from all locations.
Sells, Mike (WA) - This page started as a page featuring year 2000 plates but has since become the page for all the most recent issued plates. If you want to see the newest plate designs or the colors of the latest stickers, check here.
Slade, Ian (WA) - A nice new site showing Ian's recently completed Washington State run.
Smith, Scott (NY) - Collection of New York, ham radio, and 1964 plates.
Smith, Tom (VA) - A new site offering plates that can be registered to your antique auto. Also, links to his motorcycle plate collection, and a long for sale list.
Sproull, Bill (ME) - Features a page for each of this collector's interests - US and Canada, Caribbean, inverts/oddball, #35 plates, and a 1969 birthyear run. Also contains a want lists and some other items.
Steinbach, Marco (Germany) - new site showing this collector's world collection.
Stoecker, Helmut (Germany) - Pages of graphics from all over, Indian tribals, and 1952 birthyear plates.
Tarquin, Luke (NY) - Site featuring photos of this young collector's collection as well as want and trade lists.
Taylor, Eric (CA) - Nice page with some very nice and very rare (mostly porcelain) plates.
Tomes, Greg (MS) - The only site devoted to Mississippi plates that I know of, and a good one at that!
Turnbull, Andrew (WV) - The only site devoted to West Virginia plates that I know of, mostly the 1975- map bases.
Upton, Jon, "The Back Bumper" (ON) - Nice site featuring trade/want lists, photos of Jon's (mostly) Canadian collection, and various opinions and commentaries on plate-related topics.
van der Krogt, Peter (Holland) - An interesting page devoted to plates with maps on them.
Virta, Alan (ID) - Page showing Maryland plates from 1952-1985.
Voelsch, Jochen (Germany) - US graphics, California, Bahamas, Thailand
Waters, David (Australia) - Page of Australian plates for sale, with pictures.
Welby, Marc, "The Plateshack" (TX) - A great site - thousands of photos of US and Canadian plates.
Whitworth, G William (MI) - An excellent site devoted to Michigan plates - includes photos of a complete run as well as tons of non-passenger plates.
Wiener, Michael (NM) - New site, still under construction - plates for sale, including many special-issue graphics, and a nice page on Cuban plates.
Williams, Barney (OK) - Barney's trade list and some photos of his Oklahoma plates and US graphics.
Williams, Royce (AK) - All about Alaska plates - passenger and non-passenger, on the roads and in collections.
Wingert, Paul (SK) - A new page from this Saskatchewan license plate collector - pages for SK and NWT cycles, plates of the Turks & Caicos Islands, and other cycle plates.
Woodcock, Chris (MA) - Photos of Chris' collection: Massachusetts, bird-related, hockey-related, and 1951 plates. Also contains trade and want lists.
Zimmerman, Carl (PA) - US plates for sale, also frames for displaying them.
Zubal, Dave (TX) - US plates for sale, with photos.
Zuraw, Jean-Francois (France) - Page devoted to the license plates of France and related jurisdictions. Site is in French
Zygo, Brian (WI) - Photos of Brian's US and Canadian plates, 1971 plates, and a trade list.


I've split these into their own section - I believe they deserve to be highlighted for historical documentation purposes. Please help both projects by contributing any information you may have!

District of Columbia - Survey of all known DC porcelain plates - includes 1918 second issues as well.
Maryland - Survey of all known Maryland porcelain plates - includes 1910 first issues as well.
Michigan - Survey of all known Michigan porcelain plates.
Virginia - Survey of all known Virginia porcelain plates, as well as 1914 issues.


AISTA - A new site for the Italian license plate collectors club - in Italian.
ALPCA - The official website of the Automobile License Plate Collectors' Association
Larry's License Plates - Tons of plates for sale. - Motorcycle plates for sale.
Connecticut Marker Plate History - Official CT DMV Historical department website - great site on CT plate history. - A fantastic site on Washington, DC plates - very comprehensive, professionally done. So good, I'm not even bothering to keep up my own site anymore!
Francoplaque - The French license plate collectors' site (English version) - tons of plate photos from all around the world.
German vanity plates - Not really vanities, but how to get your German plates to say something.
Idaho State Historical Society - An excellent page featuring the history of Idaho plates.
License Plate Store - A new page featuring recent US graphics for sale. - A new page featuring plate news, auctions, and other info.
License Plates - US license plate for sale.
License Plates of the World - Michael Kustermann's masterpiece - the mother of all plate websites.
MLPCA - Michigan License Plate Collectors Assn.
NPCC - Number Plate Collectors Club (based in Australia) - A new site offering many different links to license plate auctions. They have programmed in all the different search strings to give you the most relevant results from eBay. Supposedly filters out all the unwanted crap that you get in many auction searches.
PL8S.COM - Drew Steitz and his fine publication have this website FULL of good stuff. Check it out for plates for sale, classified ads, links, etc.
PL8source - A new site - License plates for sale from many years and jurisdictions.
PL8.NET - A nice page out of Florida with lots of good info - some restoration info, restaurants that display plates, sample plate ordering info, etc.
Plate Depot - Nice variety of license plates for sale, and at reasonable prices.
Plate Hut - License plates for sale, mostly nice US graphics.
Plate Shed - A new license plate forum out of Australia.
PlatesUSA - US and Canadian plates for sale, mostly recent graphics and special-issues.
Police Guide - Simple photo page with lots of police plates displayed.
State Trooper Plates - The definitive police-related plate site - Allan Cooper's and Norm Ratcliffe's new site
ULPCA - Utah License Plate Collectors Assn. - US license plates for sale.
USSR Plates - A nice, new site dealing with USSR plates - many nice, old photos.
Vanity Plates - List of some clever, funny, or otherwise interesting vanity plates - some photos.
Vanity Plates of New Hampshire - NH vanities spotted on the roads.
Wehrmacht license plate numbers - A site dealing with the numbering system of WW2 era German plates. - BAD LINK 01/24/10
Where's That Vehicle Come From - A neat site that helps decode International plates.
What Does That Mean - A book explaining the meaning behind vanity plates.


Alabama Motor Vehicle Division - The agency's website has pictures of passenger, cycle, and truck runs. Check it out!
Yukon Motor Vehicles Section - Yukon plate photos and descriptions.


This is pretty big business in some jurisdictions, so I decided to split these out into a separate section.

Delaware Low Digit Tags - This company deals in the buying and selling of low-number license plate rights in Delaware.
Elite Registrations Online - Company dealing in UK cherished number plates.
Sandhurst Autoprint - Another license plate broker out of the UK
Great Plate Exchange - New site to buy/sell/trade active vanity plate rights.
Northumbria Numbers - Company dealing in UK cherished number plates - Company dealing in New Zealand personalized plate numbers. - Nice site personalized number plate club.
Personalized Plates Queensland - Another Australian custom plate site
Prestige Plates - Australian site dealing in plate numbers


I decided to split these out into a separate section as well.

Delaware Historic Plate Company - This is the company that makes the authorized reproductions of the old Delaware porcelain plates.
MVLS - Motor Vehicle License Systems.
Utsch - This German company produces most of the flat, non-embossed plates you see today.
Waldale Manufacturing - A license plate manufacturer. - free web hosting. Free hosting with no banners.


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