Andrew Pang's Motorcycle Plate Trade List

Here is my trade list for motorcycle license plates. Please read the introduction at the top of my passenger plate list for important information.

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NOTE: if you see an "N" after the date, this means the plate has a "natural" sticker - this means that there are no stickers under the year sticker listed.

UPDATED 02/13/21

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2012N Alabama
Barber Vintage Museum
M, $12.00

1970 DC
VG, $150.00

1975 DC
VG, $135.00

1969 Hawaii
M, $20.00

1969 Hawaii
M, $20.00

1998 Massachusetts
example - number may differ
M, $6.00

1977 Virginia
G, $10.00

2011 Indonesia
VG, $20.00

1978 Mexico
Quintana Roo
EX, $30.00

That's it for the motorcycle plates! Please follow the links below to my passenger, non-passenger, old pair, and want lists. If you have any questions about how I grade my plates, please see My plate grading webpage.

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