1918 Second Issue

These pages are an attempt to document all known surviving Washington, DC porcelain license plates, as well as plates from 1918.

Information and photos have been submitted by the plates' owners, have been taken from ALPCA archival materials, or have been downloaded from eBay or elsewhere on the internet. Any additions, corrections, or comments are encouraged. Please use the email links at the bottom of the page.

19181-887 Sold on eBay 7/14
19182-484 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19184-321 In ALPCAn's Private Collection photo not available
19185-435 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19186-684 DCplates.net collection
19186-689 Existence verified, ownership unknown photo not available
19188-375 Existence verified, ownership unknown
191810-896 Peter Cohen Collection
191815-667 Sold on ebay 11/12
191816-653 For sale by M Wallentine, 12/11
191816-938 ex-Moister collection photo not available
191817-073 In ALPCAn's private collection
191821-989 ex-Andrew Pang collection
191823-005 DCplates.net collection
191824-620 Sold on ebay 8/18
191824-749 DCplates.net collection
191826-437 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
191826-439 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
191827-050 DCplates.net collection
191828-627 Sold on eBay January 2008
191829-422 Mike Forbes collection (Ex GB Moore)
191830-776 Existence verified - location unknown
191831-561 John Willard collection
191831-975 For sale on eBay - 12/11
191831-977 For sale on eBay by Jeff Francis
191833-505 Derrick Fettig Collection
191833-883 Andrew Pang collection
191835-128 DCplates.net collection
191838-079 Brent Kooken collection
1918Cycle 1327 Dave Lincoln collection


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