1906/09 First Issue

These pages are an attempt to document all known surviving Virginia porcelain license plates, as well as plates from 1914.

Information and photos have been submitted by the plates' owners, have been taken from ALPCA archival materials, or have been downloaded from eBay or elsewhere on the internet. Any additions, corrections, or comments are encouraged. Please use the email links at the bottom of the page.

19061 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
190628 In ALPCAn's private collection
190683 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
190695 In ALPCAn's private collection photo not available
1906125 John Willard collection
1906159 In ALPCAn's private collection
1906404 Existence verified, ownership unknown
1906447 In ALPCAn's private collection
1906454 Existence verified, ownership unknown
1906473 Existence verified, ownership unknown
1906477 In ALPCAn's private collection photo not available
1906478 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
1906549 In ALPCAn's private collection
1906580 ex-Roughton collection
1906840 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
1907994 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19071036 Andrew Pang Collection
19071114 ALPCAn's private collection
19071155 Existence verified, ownership unknown
19071178 Eric Taylor collection
19071263 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19071407 In ALPCAn's private collection
19071443 Art Phillips collection
19071540 Tanner collection
19071677 ex-Roughton collection
19071783 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19071795 Existence verified, ownership unknown photo not available
19071813 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19071828 Conrad Hughson Collection
19082130 ex-Ron Sinnema collection
19082282 Auger collection
19082294 Jerry R Karwac Jr collection
19082338 Gene Hauman collection
19082362 In ALPCAn's private collection
19082562 In ALPCAn's Private Collection, from eBay - December 2003
19082614 In ALPCAn's private collection
19082670 In ALPCAn's private collection
19082781 Hingley collection
19082816 In ALPCAn's private collection
19082856 In ALPCAn's Private Collection, from eBay - July 2002
19082963 In ALPCAn's private collection
19083001 Hodges Collection
19093048 Greg Cone Collection (non-ALPCAn)
19093201 Conrad Hughson Collection photo not available
19093204 Danny Ricketts Collection
19093235 In ALPCAn's private collection
19093334 In ALPCAn's private collection
19093572 In non-ALPCAn's Private Collection
19093581 ex-Randy Hill collection
19093619 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19093752 Eric Taylor Collection
19093761 MacMeccan Collection photo not available
19093872 DMV display - Richmond, VA
19093937 Alan Betts collection (ex-Jim Fox collection)
19094008 ex-Bill Madren collection
19094179 ALPCA Archives photo
19094195 In ALPCAn's Private Collection
19094235 In ALPCAn's Private Collection - July 2005
19094241 Tom Smith collection
19094275 Existence verified, ownership unknown
19094362 In ALPCAn's private Collection
19094387 In ALPCAn’s private collection
19094407 In ALPCAn's private collection
19094421 In non-ALPCAn's Private Collection


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